Our Mission...​
   IMPORTA is committed to the integration of Santa Barbara’s large immigrant population into the mainstream of our county's civic life.

IMPORTA believes that fluency in English and a path to citizenship are key elements in the successful integration of Santa Barbara County's immigrant population. 

To facilitate the integration process, IMPORTA...
 Developed and received Justice Department approval for the County’s first non-profit immigration legal program with authority to represent clients before the USCIS which has enabled us to 

• Has provided legal representation for hundreds of local immigrants in obtaining citizenship, DACA (for undocumented immigrants brought here as children), Adjustment of Status, and Asylum. 

• Was the only organization in Santa Barbara County to receive a California state grant under the OneCalifornia program to provide free naturalization and DACA services. During the early months of the program IMPORTA has filed hundreds of DACA and naturalization applications without charge. Clients have come to IMPORTA for its high-quality services from the entire Southern California region.  

AdditionallyIMPORTA is working to develop and support

• Recreational, educational, and vocational training programs for immigrant youth and 

• Projects and programs that build mutual trust and cultural understanding between Santa Barbara’s immigrant community and the established non-immigrant community.

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IMPORTA is authorized by the Justice Department to represent and provide legal counsel for low-income immigrants 

DACA for immigrants brought by their parents when they were 15 or younger 
Naturalization for Green Card holders wishing to become citizens 
Consultations for those with immigration problems, including possible deportation
Adjustment of Status, Hardship Waivers, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, U-visa, and Asylum
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129 East Carrillo Street
importasb@gmail.com (805) 604-5060
a BIA-recognized non-profit provider of        immigration legal  services

The Decision of the Supreme Court on DAPA and DACA
The current Supreme Count split 4-4 on DAPA . That allowed a Texas judge's decision and the Appellate Court ruling against DAPA and the expansion of DACA to stand. 

To change the Court's vote we need a new Supreme Court Justice appointed who is sympathetic to law-abiding immigrants. 

The existing DACA program continues. 
Apply now at IMPORTA and don't forget to renew if you already have DACA.

IMPORTA does not charge a fee to take your DACA case and represent you before the USCIS

We also provide our clients with free passport-style photos for their applications, as well as free translations and free priority mailing.  

To make an appointment, leave a message on our voice mail number 
Para hacer una cita, deje un mensaje en nuestro correo de voz
(805) 604-5060